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Remove smells and odours from mould, smoke damage, smokers cigarettes, urine and many other odours!

Ozone Clean Air supply the best air purifiers available in the UK. Check out our full range of ozone generators also known as ozone machines and air cleaners.

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What are Ozone Generators?

What is an ozone generator? and why do I need one? are two very valid questions that you might find yourself asking. Well let us help…

Q. What is an ozone generator?

Put simply a device that emits ozone particles into it’s surrounding environment.

Q. Why do I need one?

Ozone particles that generators emit destroy bacteria particles in the surrounding environment that cause bad smells and illness. The applications are limitless…

How Does it Work?

In the natural environment, i.e. outside, odours are destroyed by naturally occurring factors including both ozone and UV light. In enclosed environments there is very little light and 03, our ozone machines create 03 particles and then fire them into the air. These particles destroy the bacteria that cause bad smells and odours. Find out more about how it works here >>


We have an extensive range of ozone air purifiers ranging from a simple plug-in to a large ozone generator that will produce 10g of ozone an hour. Whatever smell or odour is troubling you, wherever you are, we have an ozone air purifier that will transform your air into clean, purified and fresh air without the use of chemicals.

  • Remove smells and odours

  • Remove the smell of smoke

  • Remove the smell of urine

  • How to prevent mould?

Ozone Clean Air air purifiers will do the lot without the need for refills or to mask with perfume. This is kinder for the environment and your pocket!

Ozone Machine Rental

Slide Hire for as little as £40 a day 01932 563 547 keith@ozonecleanair.co.uk

If you’d prefer to hire one of our superb ozone machines then look no further than our ozone generator rental packages.

Who uses Ozone Generators and Where?

They are used by everyone, just about everywhere...

  • In the home
  • Laundry areas
  • Properties with water damage
  • Odour removal and clean-up
  • Working & sleeping areas
  • Nursing homes & care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Day care centres
  • Changing rooms and washrooms
  • Food service areas
  • Community & communal rooms
  • Smoking areas
  • Pollen removal
  • Estate agents
  • Photo labs
  • Printing businesses
  • Painting/wallpapering companies
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Seafood display areas
  • Food produce areas
  • Kitchens
  • Offices of all varieties
  • Locker rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Hotels, B&B's and guest houses
  • Environments where chemicals are used


  • trinity
    Ozone Clean Air Ozone generators were used successfully to eradicate welding fumes after a refit to the Trinity House vessel Alert. Great service and excellent Job !!  Will definitely use again.  
    Trinity House
    Trinity House
  • Donna
    As an avid review reader, I always take a look before deciding on something. Could see the reviews were glowing for the service Keith provides and then some! Keith provides a truly great service and is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The items hired worked just great for my needs (tackling a musty car AC unit) and I’m a big believer in Ozone got this type of stuff. Would heartily recommend anyone looking to use Ozone generators to go with Keith. Definitely my go to in the future
  • Pure Air 10 Midi
    Thank you for the Ozone machine, it really helped get the smokey smell out of the bedrooms and the main living room. It was a pleasure to meet you and i would highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking to get rid of embedded smells in their house.
  • OC Pro3Tec Ozone System
    We have just used the Ozone machine you sent to us. It has been a great success ! Having got our flat back we used it as the last attempt to eradicate the disgusting ingrained Urine smell and atmosphere after two dogs used it as a toilet over a long period of time. We had tried enzyme treatment sprayed onto the wooden floor . We had also painted two coats of very expensive stain block over all the floors in the flat but to no avail. I was recommended the machine by a friend and was sceptical of its ability to work as well as I had been promised. However the machine was amazing at clearing the smell and refreshing the flat. Thanks Keith
  • OC Pro3Tec Ozone System
    Hi Keith Just wanted to let you know, the ozone machine did the trick! The house and furnishings smell are fresh and clean. The smell of cigarettes is a thing of the past, thank you!! I’d also like to thank you for excellent service, and guidance. Although you were right it was easy to use! Have a great day! Kind regards Haidee
    Haidee Nolan
    The service received from Ozone Clean Air was impeccable: fast communication, very helpful support and quick and easy dispatch and return. The Ozone machine the car OCA 6200 was in top notch order and very securely packaged in an easy to carry container that made transporting it a doddle and it was powerful too, making the bad smell just a memory.
    Clive Perilly
  • Pure Air 10 Midi
    The Pure Air 10 midi machine was brilliant thank you, most of the rooms are now perfect with no smell at all, but of a smell still in 2 rooms but only notice first thing, not surprising after 20 years of smoking inside. Would have been lost without the machine. Thank you so much  Gemma
    Gemma Oliver
  • Ian Colquhoun
    Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help and advice regarding renting one of your Ozone machines. The house it was used in had a heavy cigarette smoke smell, and a couple of days with the machine gave excellent results, even better than expected.  Machine was simple to use and a few hours in each room solved the problem.
    Ian Colquhoun
  • Will Sneyd
    "Ozone clean air have supplied fantastic equipment that works well in a harsh environment. Our one breakdown (yup, harsh environment!) was taken care of very quickly while we used  a loan machine supplied by the unflappable Keith Ferris. Great kit, perfect service, thanks Keith"
    Will Sneyd
    Adrenalin Quarry
  • Nick H
    I just wanted to thank you again for your help in our time of slight despair! We are moving into a house with a very strong smell of cooking spices and the Ozone machine that you sent us has turned the house from totally uninhabitable to habitable again. My wife was in tears with worry before your machine arrived and for the first time she is now excited about moving into our new property. You have been an absolute star throughout, always being available on the phone. I will highly recommend your services to friends and family. Thank you!
    Nick H
  • Kit Graves
    We have been using Ozone Clean Air machines during the Covid19 pandemic in our 6 hotels in the Lake District. They have significantly decreased turnaround times and  there has been a significant reduction in deep cleaning costs. The machines are extremely reliable, safe and simple to use. We can now sanitize all rooms prior to occupancy giving our customers peace of mind.
    Kit Graves
    Lake District Hotels Ltd
  • Jemima Cotter
    Hi Keith Just to say I’m so very happy with the ozone machine I bought from you, I have been using it non stop to clean costumes nightly and it has made our lives in the costume department almost normal in these COVID times. It has given us peace of mind and fresh clothing. The service is just great! So thankyou Jemima Cotter Costume Designer
    Jemima Cotter
  • Pure Air 10 Midi
    Just a quick note to say thank you for getting us our ozone machine so quickly. Apologies for all the questions from our H&S Manager, he just wanted to make sure it's all safe to use. Once he attended your training session he was completely reassured and is now training our costume department in the safe use of the machine. As I mentioned on the phone we will have the machine here at Shepperton Studios until mid-March, if you have any clients that would like a demonstration do let me know and we'll work something out. Best regards, Uli Uli Kress SGE - Covid Manager Netflix, David Lean Building, Shepperton Studios  
    Uli Kress
  • Pure Air 10 Midi
    I would like to order another Pure Air 10 Midi, this one is for our domiciliary care office. We have been extremely pleased with the Pure Air 10 Midi machines we have for both our homes, they are very simple to operate for all staff, and having them in our homes to use has reduced workload for our staff in managing infection control, but above all has offered peace of mind and reassurances to our staff and residents that any infection concerns have been minimised as far as possible. In addition to this your service has from the first call made to you, been friend informative and very efficient. we have been promoting your services amongst colleagues and other professionals within the industry. Many thanks. Hannah James. Barnhaven Residential Care Home
    Hannah James
    Barnhaven Residential Care Home
  • Pure Air 10 Midi
    Great service and great product, within 1 hour, the Ozone Generator removed  the smoke odour in all 4  rooms...
    Karl Broderick
    Approved Technology
  • Hannah James
    I would like to say how pleased we are with the pure air 10 midi at Barnhaven Care home, and we would like to now purchase the second machine and cover for our second home.  
    Hannah James
    Barnhaven Care home
  • Dr Chris Solomon
    Just a quick note to say thank you for the loan of the ozone machine. The original smell was unpleasant and rather overpowering but the machine really worked very effectively. I will certainly be happy to recommend you to anyone should the need arise in the future.  
    Dr Chris Solomon
  • Tom
    Thanks for the rental - did the job perfectly. Kind regards, Tom
  • Richard
    Departing tenants left behind an un-rentable property due to excessive spicy cooking odours. Although the tenants did attempt to clean the flat, this did little to solve the problem and a quick internet search pointed to Ozonecleanair as a potential solution. During a reassuring telephone conversation with Ozonecleanair the team confirmed they were happy to assist me and then agreed to attend the property in good time to provided a solution. Given the scale of the problem I was a little sceptical, however I need not have worried. The Ozoneclean air team were punctual, polite, professional and most importantly the cooking odours were gone. I would certainly recommend Ozoneclean air and will certainly use them again without hesitation. So thank you toa ll the team at Ozoneclean air.
    Rental Landlord
  • Guy
    Thanks for the hire of your ozone generator this week to remove the stale smoke odour from my nearly new car. I ran your machine through 4, 1-hour cycles, one with the aircon on recirculate and at its lowest temp setting. Now that it's a couple of days since I used your machine, there is unanimous agreement from the family that improvement in the residual smoke odour is dramatic - it basically has now gone and the car smells neutral inside. This is especially impressive when the main dealer insisted that they had run a machine in the car for 2 days prior to us picking the car up Unfortunately, whilst it was clean when we collected it, it really smelt of smoke. I've passed on your details to the dealer as if they're also using Ozone Machines to kill odours in their nearly new cars, they're clearly not of the same power / capacity as yours! Overall we're very pleased with the results - thanks!
  • George
    I wanted to thank you for your help and excellent advice you gave. As you know I was given the task of cleaning up an unattended death where the deceased had gone unnoticed for about six weeks.  As you can imagine it wasn’t a pleasant situation but we are trained in the safe removal of the biohazard materials such as body fluids but what we were left with was an overpowering smell of decay which had permeated into the fabric of the property.  You suggested using your Pro 5 model which removed the odour in about five hours. Thank you once again for your advice and we will definitely be using your services  soon.
    Swift Pest Solutions
  • Carmen
    Just a quick thank you for coming through and taking care of the dog smell in the flat. You did a fantastic job and the smell is completely gone! Very much appreciated ? Have a great weekend ?
  • Rayya
    Thank you for the hire of the ozone generator.  I had been in despair about the smell in the house after I left a pan of chicken stock to boil dry.  The house was sold and I knew I couldn't leave it like that.  All else had failed, so when I found Ozone Clean Air, you were so reassuring and confident that you could help me that I felt immediately calmer.  The generator was easy to use with your instructions and I couldn't believe the difference it made.  You saved my house sale! I've already recommended your service to my friends.
  • Fenella from Norfolk
    I was really worried & sad as my beautiful holiday home had been spoiled by a long-term, winter let tenant who was a massive smoker. When they left the place smelt awful, horrible, I was devastated & started scrubbing & washing everything that I could. I used vinegar, Oust spray, carpet foam but the smell was NO BETTER even with all day airings of windows & doors open. I read on-line about ozone treatment so I arranged to hire a machine & what a difference it made! I have my beautiful home back. The smell has gone out of the curtains, furniture, carpets & everything else. I highly recommend this treatment to get rid of unwanted odours.
    Fenella from Norfolk
  • Chris
    Just a quick thank you email for the hire of the Ozone Machine over the weekend, the stale musty smell in the property we purchased (from a long term smoker) has all but gone.  The transformation is amazing, we would recommend to anyone with similar odour issues.
  • Liz Rajis
    I must say this product is excellent, it gets the job done a lot faster and easier to operate.  My Supervisors really like the Plug-Ins as they are portable but powerful.  
    Liz Rajis
    Executive Head Housekeeper, Marriot Hotels
  • India
    Thank you very much for your advice along the way, we found it to b every successful at getting rid of the smoke smell.
  • Mrs Parika
    The Ozone machine worked like magic. Our place stank with cigarette smoke and nothing would get rid of it, one use of the Ozone machine the Pro 5+ and most of it disappeared. I would highly recommend this product.
    Mrs Parika
  • Paula Joicey - General Manager
    I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with the Ozone Machines which have been fitted on our Memory lane unit. They are excellent and they certainly keep odours at bay. This is the reason I have requested a quote for our other floors. I would recommend these machines to anyone who has problems With any strong odours. We have had them fitted for some time now and with the regular servicing which is offered we have never had any problems. Your staff are always pleasant and friendly to our staff and our service users.
    Paula Joicey - General Manager
    Barchester Healthcare
  • Ian E Kershaw - Legionella Control Officer
    Just like to say how delighted I have been with your products and services over the last 4 years. During that time I have: - Been able to achieve excellent odour control in various areas including toilets and house relettings. - Superb environmental cleans of building which have had major microbiological issues including C Diff, Norovirus, MRSA and Hepatitis - Ongoing routine disinfection of premises where the population may be regarded as vunerable Thanks for all your help.
    Ian E Kershaw - Legionella Control Officer
    Gateshead Council
  • S R Phipps - Group Manager
    I have found the ozone generating systems which we have in several of our residential homes, to be extremely efficient in controlling odours throughout the buildings. We have been trading with E.P.L for many years and have found their service to be excellent.
    S R Phipps - Group Manager
    Hadrian Healthcare Group
  • Mark Edney
    I appreciated your help in choosing the correct products for my company's particular needs. The Corona ozone generator has been excellent in combating the smell problems at Ashwell Lodge, and is particularly useful for the cleaning staff in quickly neutralising the odours in a room before cleaning it.
    Mark Edney
    Ashwell Lodge - Bournemouth
  • Tim Wendholt
    Our son kept a hamster in his bedroom and although regularly cleaned the inevitable rodent odours resulted, especially during the warm days and nights. We tried the Ozone Clean Air Plug In as a means of controlling the problem, having used scented plug ins previously and found that the Ozone Clean Air Plug In not only dealt with the problem but did so for several days before needing to be used again. We found that using it for a couple of hours was all that was necessary to be effective. We really enjoy cooking a variety of fish but the lingering smell of cooking was always a deterrent to doing so, especially in winter when natural ventilation was impractical but we used the Ozone Clean Air Plug In and overnight the kitchen was returned to its pre-cooking state and actually took on the odour of the seaside, rather ironically.
    Tim Wendholt
    Trade Credit Manager
  • David Howell - Director of Operations
    The plug-in ozone generator is certainly much more effective in keeping the air clear and ensuring a fresh environment, than the normal perfumed products. It has certainly improved the ambiance of the rooms.
    David Howell - Director of Operations
    North East Business & Innovation Centre
  • Martine Tarakaniec and the Care Team
    I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how delighted we are at Tyspane Care Home with the Ozone Machines that your organisation have recently supplied us with. Your local representative, Keith has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process of procuring the equipment and continues to contact us to check on the efficiency of the machines that he provided us with. The machines have dramatically reduced the level of malodour within the home, this was noticable straight away by staff and visitors alike....the machines continue to be as efficient as the day that they were installed. The 'corona' machine (mobile ozone machine) is ideal for odour hot spots and has proved to be as efficent as the fixed continental units. Many thanks for your help and support.
    Martine Tarakaniec and the Care Team
    Tyspane Care Home
  • Mrs S R Villa
    I appreciated Keith’s help in choosing Pro 5 + Ozone machine. The Pro 5 + has been a excellent tool in combating the smell problems that i come across during the cleaning office and customers homes. Some of the remarks i have had since using the Pro 5 + from my customers is how clean and fresh everything now is. The Pro 5 + has helped me give the 1st class service i wish to give all of my customers and adds the person touch i was looking for . We have now added 3 OCA 80 machines to maintain the standard requested from all of our customers ongoing . The products and service that the team at Ozone Clean Air give is first class and are very helpful. Thank you keith @ ozone clean air from all at SV Cleaning Services.
    Mrs S R Villa
    MD SV Cleaning Services

Some of the Companies that use our Products...

Ozone generator companies

About Ozone Clean Air

Ozone Clean Air are a UK based company who stock ozone machines that are built in the UK. Our ozone generators are made to the very highest standard ensuring that they clean the air efficiently while helping to protect the environment.

Ozone particles that generators emit destroy bacteria particles in the surrounding environment that cause bad smells and illness. The applications are limitless...

Air purifying and air cleaning without the use of chemicals or intoxicating perfumes! Our ozone generators clean the air you breath and act as air purifiers by destroying bacteria that causes bad odours, leaving fresh clean, purified air.

We have a range of air purifier ozone generators for sale and hire made in the UK that will clean the air from a small room in your house or caravan all the way up to larger areas such as nursing homes and hotels.