How do you prevent mould from building up? Wherever you suffer with the build-up of mould finding a way to prevent the growth of mould can prove to be a troublesome task. Ozone Clean Air has the perfect solution to this problem with a range of ozone generator air purifiers that will actually prevent the build-up of mould wherever it occurs.

Our range of ozone generators prevent mould by destroying it at it’s source. The build-up of mould can be prevented in environments including bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms or anywhere else in the home, offices, factories or any other area that you can imagine.

Our ozone generator air purifiers, prevent mould by literally destroying mould spores which cause the build-up of mould on walls and other surfaces.

Which ozone generator you select depends on the environment that needs to be treated, but all will destroy mould spores and prevent mould from building up.

All of the products below have been specifically engineered for safe use in areas affected by mould and have passed UK health and safety standards.