Ozone Generator Hire

Ozone Machine Hire

Ozone generator hire is a great alternative to making a purchase. When you rent one of our ozone machines you will get these great benefits:

  • Remove odours from any environment, whether they are caused by mould, smoke, pets or anything else
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial use
  • Environmentally friendly air purification
  • Easy and fast pick up & delivery
  • Lower cost than purchasing a machine
  • Use of the best ozone machines available in the UK!

Ozone generator rental enables you to experience the awesome sanitisation power of an ozone machine without committing to making a purchase. If you would prefer to purchase don’t forget to check out our full range of UK ozone generators.

A number of the ozone generators on this website are available for hire or rental purposes in the UK as well. Whether it is for commercial or domestic we have the right ozone generator for you.

Sometimes you may just want to use an ozone machine for a single job or maybe you want to try one out to decide which is the best solution for you. We have the perfect answer for you with hire or rent one of our ozone generators.

Contact us about Ozone Generator Rental

To find out more about ozone machine hire call us on 01932 563547, email keith@ozonecleanair.co.uk or use the contact form below:

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    How to use your Ozone Machine

    • Before switching your machine on, ensure that all doors and windows are closed. If there are any gaps in your doors make sure these are blocked.
    • Ensure that there is no-one present in the room when a treatment starts with our more powerful machines.
    • Ozone will remove odours from fabric so long as it is not ingrained, so if there are curtains present make sure closed to maximise the benefit.
    • If odours have been allowed to build up over time and a first treatment has not completely removed the odours it may be necessary to use a more powerful ozone generator to fully remove the smell.
    • Ozone particles are heavier than air, so in order to gain maximum benefit it is best to operate the machine from a raised position. This will mean that the ozone particles will be projected from a higher position and fall to the ground and also treat the carpet.

    Call 01932 563547
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