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OCA 6100 Car Disinfection Ozone Generator
January 28, 2021
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OCA 45 Ozone Generator
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OC Pro3Tec Ozone System

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The Pro3tec 10 is a UK Government funded
SMART award project to develop a surface and air
disinfection system.
Tested by Campden and Chorleywood, one the
of the UK’s leading Microbiology Test centres, to
the European Standard EN17272: 2020.
Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics.
Methods of airborne room disinfection by
automated process. Determination of bactericidal,
mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal,
yeasticidal, virucidal, phagocidal activities.
The results under test condition proving the
Pro3tec 10 achieved:
5 log reduction (99.999%) for bacteria*
4 log reduction (99.99%) for yeasts*
4 log reduction (99.99%) for viruses*
The Pro3tec incorporates an ozone destruct to
remove ozone and any other potentially harmful
particulates/ compounds produced during the
treatment. This ensures a safe environment after
use. The Pro3tec includes a safe to enter
notification system advising you of this state.
Ozone industries is registered with the UK HSE as
part of the UK Biocidal Products Regulations. All
Biocides need to be registered and approved by
the UK HSE. It should be noted companies not
going through the approval process will need to
remove their products shortly.
*Under test conditions: 30m³ room
This machine ships on a pallet

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Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants commercially available. It is this oxidation property of
ozone that enables the ozone molecule to have biocidal effect.
• Ozone is naturally occurring and is created by UV light from the sun reacting with oxygen in the atmosphere (the ozone layer), during a thunderstorm when lighting reacts with oxygen in the
• The gas is colourless
• The Pro3tec uses oxygen (o2) from the atmosphere, applies an electrical charge that splits the oxygen
molecule which then recombines to form the unstable molecule ozone (o3).
• As Ozone is an unstable molecule it will eventually reverts back to oxygen. As the level of ozone used
for disinfection is above the occupational exposure limits an ozone destruct unit integral to the Pro3tec
accelerates the ozone conversion back to oxygen. This makes the time taken for the
biocidal process to be quicker and safer.
• As the level of ozone produced is above the occupational exposure limits people and pets should
not be present in the room when the treatment takes place.
• The Protec is equipped with a remote safety device that indicates when the treatment has been completed and it is safe to enter the treated area.
• When ozone is used in the treatment of a room it will react with materials in the room
(disinfection by products). This is particularly evident in areas with high VOC content e.g. cars (new car
smell). The Pro3tec has a high density carbon filter that removes particulates to 2.5 µm which are harmful
and created during the disinfection process.
• The Pro3tec is equipped with two fans 1/. Ozone generation and 2/. Ozone destruct. This increases the
amount of ozone produced as running ozone with the destruct ‘in play’ reduces the amount of ozone
• The Pro3tec is easy to handle with a total weight of 15kg. Wheels are also in position to assist the
mobility of the generator.
• Ozone Industries has access via shared ownership of an Ozone Dossier registered with ECHA the
European Chemicals Agency (a copy of our certificate is on the following page). As a biocide all applications
will need to be approved by ECHA. Generators not going through the approval process will need to be
removed from the market.
• To obtain approval for this application there are two main features of the regulation
• It is safe when used, this covers two main aspects:
• Occupational exposure
• Creation of disinfection by-products
• It does what you claim
• Whilst ozone is going through the approval process at an EU level, National rules apply. Since Brexit,
the UK HSE has adopted the same BPR as the EU for the UK market; all ozone products sold as a biocide
will need to be registered and approved by the HSE. Those products that are not approved will need to be
removed from the market. A notification of supplying a biocide is required during this transition period. It
is recommended that with purchase of an ozone generator you request a copy of either the shared ownership certificate or a Letter of Access to ensure the product is going through the approval process.
This machine ships on a pallet.

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OC Pro3tec Ozone System

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