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OCA 6100 Car Disinfection Ozone Generator

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Output Ozone mg/hr 1000
Pump ltrs/ min 10
Power (Watts) 60
Weight (kg) 3.2kg
Fuse Timed 1.6 amp
Supply 220V 50/60 Hz
Temperature -10C to +40C
Size (mm) 450mm(L) x 200mm(H) x 220mm(W)
Size incl. Packing 466mm x 255mm x 430mm

Instructions for treatment

  1. The vehicle should be ideally outside when the ozone generator is used.
    When used inside (garage) please see separate guidance below.
  2. Check that there are no animals plants or living organisms in the vehicle.
  3. Place the ozone disinfection sign inside the vehicle so it is clearly visible. Indicate in the time slot on the sign the re-entry time (dependant on setting see below).
  4. Mount the generator outside the vehicle and pipe the ozone into the vehicle using the pipe provided. This will preserve the life of the ozone generator. Use the pipe provided (3m) and tighten with the clip provided to the ‘ozone out’ connection. Apply tape to make the gap created by the pipe is relatively air tight.
  5. If the vehicle air re-circulation system can be left running during the treatment this will aid the circulation of the ozone throughout the vehicle. This is particularly helpful for the treatment of the the air conditioning unit.
  6. Connect the power supply to the countdown timer.
  7. Switch the ozone generator to the on position.
  8. Select the timer option according to the vehicle size.
    Small / Medium cars 15 min
    Large / small vans 30 min
    Large vans 1 hr
  9. When the timer is complete leave for the equivalent to the time set, open all doors and allow the ozone to vent. This will take approx. 5 minutes (indicate the time set on the treatment sign).
  10. It is recommended that when opening the doors a safety mask.( RS part 548-8821 with ozone filter 766-384). If the ozone treatment is used in doors then the safety mask and filter recommended should be used. Health and safety (using an ozone generator in a confined area).
  11. The ozone level in the car will be above the occupational exposure limits. In the UK this is 0.2ppm. The level of ozone achieved will be approx. 12ppm. The hazard of ozone at this level is like entering a bleached room. It will cause irritation to the eyes and throat. Whilst the level in the car is 12ppm this is in a confined and enclosed space of typically 3-4 m3. By opening the doors to the vehicle the ozone level will be quickly diluted. Hence the recommendation the treatment takes place outside. When used indoors a period of time equivalent to the run time should also be added to the treatment time to allow the ozone level to reduce. Ozone halves extremely quickly typically 2-3 minutes in a vehicle. The 12ppm will be halved to 2 ppm and provided the area is > 100m3 the dilution effect will be below the Occupational exposure limit when the doors are opened.
    Recommended time settings
    Small / Medium cars 15 min + 15 min
    Large / small vans 30 min + 30 min
    Large vans 1 hr. + 1 hr
    Deep Clean 2 hr + 2 hrs
    It is recommended that the mask 3m (available from RS) is worn when used internally as there will be localised effect when initially opening the doors. The mask is rated to 2ppm of ozone.

Timer Instructions
Connect IEC plug to timer, connect timer to power supply.
Simply press the boost button to increase the ON time for up to 2 hours.
• 13A (3kW) loading
• Easy to use push button control
• ON time increments in 4 steps: 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2 hours

Connect to power supply
Select time period

Connect pipe, switch generator to On position
Place warning instruction in car (see next page), note time and time set and mark to show safe entry time
Take care not to kink pipe.

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