How do you remove the smell of smoke? Whether it is in the home, in your car or anywhere removing the smell of smoke proves to be a troublesome task. Ozone Clean Air has the perfect solution to this problem with a range of ozone generator air purifiers that will actually remove the smell of smoke completely.

Our range of ozone generators will not only remove the smell of smoke caused by fire and cigarettes in the air it will also remove it from any items in the same environment. The smell of smoke can be removed from your car, clothing, carpets, furniture, paper, plastic or any other item that you can imagine.

Our ozone generator air purifiers, purify by literally destroying smoke smells which are caused by bacteria and other particles.

Which ozone generator you select depends on the area that needs to be treated, but all will purify freshen and clean including removing all odours and smells after smoke and fire.

All of the products below have been specifically engineered for safe use in areas affected by smoke and fire and have passed UK health and safety standards.